An Economic Data Study on the Business of Multicultural Beauty in America

The First-Of-Its-Kind Economic Data Study Focused on the Business of Multicultural Beauty in America.

“BEAUTY meets DATA”…

takes an economic snapshot of the U.S. beauty industry while also examining how key business segments have been responding to, and are continually being impacted by, the combined effects of the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic and the George Floyd/#BlackLivesMatter protest movement, both of which led to calls for greater economic equity.

examines the attitudes, behaviors and actions of notable Black/African American founders, executives and thought leaders working in beauty, giving an account of their readiness to manage the economic disruption and the subsequent calls for economic restructuring.

spans the market period across the end of 2020, November through December, for the best possible year-end snapshot; it was then followed up in February/March 2021 for a First Quarter read as well.


In this assessment, READY to BEAUTY reveals the top macro economic trends — challenges & opportunities impacting the Black/African American beauty market. Use the data in this assessment to inform your marketing planning from a strategic financial perspective, as well as to gain better insight into the concept of 'economic readiness', the new currency of business success.


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